Write for Us or Submit a Guest Post

Write for Us or Submit a Guest Post

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Welcome to Mediatelot.com’s “Write for Us” or “Submit a Guest Post” page! We’re glad you want to contribute to our website. At Mediatelot.com, we try to give our readers a wide range of interesting, educational, and informative material. You can send us work in the following areas:

Fashion + “Write for us”: Do you love the newest fashion trends, style tips, or efforts to make fashion more eco-friendly? We want to hear your unique ideas and views, whether you’re a seasoned fashion writer or a newcomer to the field. Check out examples of our fashion category here!

“Write for us” + “business”: Our business section has a lot of different types of articles, from thought leadership pieces to useful tips for company owners. These articles cover many areas, such as startups, marketing strategies, financial management, and industry trends. Share what you know to help our readers succeed in today’s tough work world. Explore examples of our business category here!

Add “write for us” to technology: Tech fans, come together! Our technology section looks into the cool world of gadgets, new apps, cybersecurity, AI, and other tech-related topics. We want you to add your knowledge and research to our platform, whether you’re a tech expert or just a curious fan. Discover examples of our technology category here!

Video games + “Write for us”: Our video game section will help you improve your writing! There’s something here for every gamer, from reviews of games and news about the business to in-depth analyses and talks about gaming culture. Come with us as we explore the wide and changing world of video games. 

Health + “Write for us”: Our health area should help readers put their health first. We want to hear from you if you know a lot about exercise, nutrition, mental health, or work in health care. Share your ideas, tips, and advice backed up by proof to help people live healthier lives. 

Beauty + “Write for us”: Our beauty area is great for learning about beauty and self-care. We love celebrating diversity, acceptance, and self-expression through everything from skincare routines and makeup lessons to product reviews and industry news. Help us spread self-confidence and good self-care habits to everyone. 

Instructions for Submissions: 

Please follow these rules to make sure the posting process goes smoothly, and the quality of our content stays high: 

Originality: We give more weight to completely new material that has yet to be published anywhere else. Duplicate or plagiarized work will not be accepted. 

Quality: Articles should be well-written, full of useful information, and interesting. They should also use correct language, spelling, and punctuation. Try to give our readers something of value with every piece you send us. 

Relevance: Make sure your content fits the area you’re submitting it to and gives our readers useful information, reflections, or tips. 

Length: There isn’t a hard and fast rule for word count, but we suggest aiming for 800 to 1500 words based on the topic of difficulty. You can use this tool for word count.

Formatting: Please send stories in Word or Google Doc format, with clear headings, subheadings, and any formatting that makes the text easier to read, like bullet points or numbered lists. 

Images: If you use pictures in your entry, make sure you have permission to do so or give credit where credit is due for any photos you use. 

How to Send: 

Are you ready to share your ideas with our readers? Here’s how to send in your writing: 

Fill out the form below and send it to info@mediatelot.com with the subject line “Guest Post Submission: [Category].” Please put the following in your email: 

A short outline of the story you want to write or the finished draft. 

Your author bio (50 to 100 words) should introduce you and talk about your applicable skills or interests. 

Any links that make sense to your website, blog, or social media pages. 

What Comes Next: 

Our editorial team will review your work to ensure it is good, relevant, and original as soon as we get it. We try to answer all entries by [insert deadline], but please be patient while we carefully think about each one. 

If your entry is chosen to be published, we’ll email you with any changes or edits we think should be made. Once your story has been approved, it will be published on Mediatelot.com, and you will be notified when it’s live. 

We’re excited to work with you and have your great ideas shared with our viewers! 

Publishing Policy

At Mediatelot.com, we aim to provide our readers with high-quality, informative, and engaging content across a variety of topics. To maintain the integrity of our platform and ensure a positive experience for both our contributors and audience, we have established the following publishing policy:

  1. Originality: We prioritize original content that hasn’t been published elsewhere. Plagiarism or duplicate submissions will not be accepted. All submissions must be the author’s work, and any references or sources used should be properly cited.

  2. Quality: Articles should be well-written, informative, and engaging, with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Our editorial team reserves the right to edit submissions for clarity, coherence, and adherence to our style guidelines. Authors may be asked to revise their submissions based on editorial feedback before publication.

  3. Relevance: Submitted content should align with the category it’s intended for and offer value to our audience. While we welcome diverse perspectives and opinions, submissions that promote hate speech, discrimination, or illegal activities will not be accepted.

  4. Accuracy: Authors are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information presented in their submissions. Any factual claims should be supported by credible sources, and opinions should be clearly distinguished from factual statements. Misleading or deceptive content will not be published.

  5. Respect for Copyright: Authors must have the necessary rights to publish any text, images, or other media included in their submissions. Plagiarism, copyright infringement, or unauthorized use of copyrighted material will not be tolerated. Authors should provide proper attribution for any third-party content used in their submissions.

  6. Editorial Discretion: Our editorial team reserves the right to accept or reject submissions based on our discretion and the adherence to our publishing policy. While we strive to provide feedback on all submissions, we may not be able to publish every piece received.

  7. Transparency: Authors will be notified of the status of their submissions in a timely manner. If a submission is accepted for publication, authors will receive notification along with any suggested edits or revisions. Authors will also be informed of the publication date once their article is scheduled for release.

By submitting content to Mediatelot.com, authors acknowledge and agree to adhere to our publishing policy. We reserve the right to update or modify this policy as needed to maintain the quality and integrity of our platform.

If you have any questions or concerns about our publishing policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@mediatelot.com.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Mediatelot.com!

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