10 Advantages of Opting for CakePHP Development

CakePHP has received much recognition within the developers’ community as it gives them seamless configuration. CakePHP is a highly comprehensive PHP platform meticulously organized using a flawless collection of elements. You can pull any utility classes in your application with this cohesive framework, develop at a maximum speed using the full-stack framework, or create a micro-framework with custom router classes.

The developers may also prefer CakePHP because it allows them to create reusable codes and, thus, doesn’t require writing codes from scratch at every stage. This saves both effort and time during website development. There are a lot of large organizations that use CakePHP for website development, and CakePHP has also powered multiple open-source projects. That’s why there is a lot of interoperability between all these solutions.

As the name indicates, this framework works on PHP, which is undoubtedly the most popular language for website development. In 2005, CakePHP came into existence and quickly left behind its competitors like CodeIgniter, Symphony, and Zend. CakePHP offers an extremely fast and flexible templating system.

Why is CakePHP So Popular for Web Development?

CakePHP is just like any other PHP-based framework that allows web developers to develop a fully functional and multi-featured website easily. The developers can develop robust, effective, and fast websites with CakePHP. Some of the major features that make the CakePHP framework quite popular are:

·  Richer query API & Bake script;

·  Smarter router prefixes & shorter RL syntax;

·  Fast & Flexible templating with easy code generation

·  Supports various database drivers and types, including PDO and native.

·  Operates from any website directory and requires minimal Apache configuration.

·  Flexible ACL & Catching

·  Localization, Search Engine Friendly URLs

·  And more

Most Popular CakePHP-Based CMS:

Cake PHP is an open-source PHP framework that allows you to develop, manage, and publish content using CakePHP-based CMS. Here are some of the most popular CMS based using the Cake PHP framework:

·  BEdita framework creates PHP apps and CMS using semantic principles.

·  Coderity is an easy-to-use and uncomplicated CMS for CakePHP2.

·  Croogo is an open-source CMS built for everyone!

·  CupCake is an open-source CMS that enables developers to manage content without writing a single line of code.

·  QuickApps makes custom site development faster and takes less effort to maintain.

Top Advantages of Using CakePHP:

Now let’s delve into the major advantages of using the CakePHP framework for website development: Hire CakePHP Developers to build CMS solutions.

·  Open-source in nature:

The first factor that makes this framework popular is the fact that it is open-source in nature, i.e., available to all for free and easily accessible. The developers don’t have to obtain any license or pay any fee, so there is no associated cost with the CakePHP framework. As the PHP programming language backs it, the developers can create an amazing website with high flexibility.

·  No Pre-configuration required:

The web developer doesn’t need to hassle with the CakePHP framework, which makes it superior. There is no need for any configuration in the system with this framework. It means that you don’t need to spend time configuring the Linux Apache-MySQL-PHP setup.

It auto-detects all the settings to be configured and does it on its own. Also, there is no need for Apache configuration. You also save your development by not working on validation features built into the framework. The developers can create different validation rules. It eliminates developer efforts by removing XML and YAML files. As a result, no element of the code requires you to declare the library’s location. The only thing you have to focus on is the database configuration.

·  Object Relational Mapping:

ORM technique converts the data within an incompatible system using OOPS language. CakePHP is a reliable ORM, making it easy to work with databases and CRUD operations. Data is presented in the form of classes that define relations. You can also define callbacks.

·  Easily Extendable:

You can write reusable code components with CakePHP that you can utilize for several projects. It is possible to offer functionality to behaviors, helpers, plugins, components, and behaviors instead of expanding its libraries. You can avoid spending time building everything from scratch by using the many plugin aids and components available on the CakeForge website.

·  CRUD scaffolding:

CRUD stands for “Create, Read, Update, and Delete,” which are the major functions of a web application. You can create, view, read, update, and delete various entities. It also gives you a demo of your application, and you can modify the models and controllers to meet the specific necessities of the application. It makes data management easier during development. It is helpful because a single line of code you can see is a preliminary view of the application.

·  Create tests:

Cake PHP can test all of your application’s most vulnerable and critical places. They range from fundamental tests to custom-made tests, which you can design according to your requirements. This is especially useful when developing a large application and need to test its performance at each stage. Developers prefer it due to the ease with which any program can be debugged and tested after development. This aids in the rapid identification and fixing of problems.

It allows you to verify important points in your application.

·  Security:

Security is of utmost importance in web application development to protect the website from any hack or cyber attack. CakePHP is a highly secure environment with built-in security and authentication. It comes with several built-in tools for CSRF protection, input validation, prevention of SQL injection, form tampering protection, and XSS prevention.

·  Class Inheritance:

CakePHP inheritance is quite simple and understandable. Each project contains two primary folders: the core library and the application-specific one. All application-specific controllers are extensions of the app controller class, which is initially empty but can be quickly extended using sensible steps such as predefining basic functions. This also applies to models.

·  MVC Pattern:

CakePHP is based on the MVC pattern, which lets you save any query to the database. The web developers can also insert any alterations by inserting, deleting, or changing the model as per their requirements. It allows them to separate the business layer from the presentation layer. This model aids in the data’s logical corroboration and its presentation to the end user in the database. Data management is supported by both the Controller option and the model option.

MVC architecture is a godsend, even though you might not see many small-scale websites using MVC patterns when designing large-scale websites.

Wrapping Up:

CakePHP is a highly effective and useful website or web application development framework. It offers amazing features for translation, caching, validation, and authentication. Being a reputed CakePHP development company, we at Octal IT Solutions provide the best CakePHP development services. Our team consists of CakePHP developers, designers, QA experts, and others with vast experience in developing complex web applications using PHP. Let us know your requirements.

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