Best Record Player With Speakers

Best Record Player With Speakers

The vinyl revival is in full swing, with music lovers around the world rediscovering the warm, rich sound of analog records. While an audiophile setup with a separate turntable, amplifier, and speakers can provide the ultimate listening experience, not everyone has the space or budget for that. Fortunately, the market is brimming with excellent all-in-one record player systems that combine a turntable with built-in speakers – offering convenience without sacrificing sound quality.

In this guide, we’ll dive into the best integrated record players with speakers available in 2024. We’ll explore what to look for, provide in-depth reviews of top models, and furnish tips to help you choose the perfect turntable system for your needs.

What to Look For in a Record Player With Speakers

What to Look For in a Record Player With Speakers

When shopping for an all-in-one record player, there are several key factors to consider:

  1. Build Quality and Construction Materials: A well-built record player with a weighted platter and sturdy, vibration-resistant construction will ensure smooth playback and minimize distortion.
  2. Preamp/Phono Stage: Most turntables require a phono preamp to boost the weak signal from the cartridge. Many modern units come with a built-in preamp, but you may want to invest in a dedicated one for better sound.
  3. Speaker Size, Power, and Audio Quality: The speakers are the heart of the system. Generally, larger drivers (5″ or more) and higher wattage will deliver fuller, more powerful sound. But for smaller rooms, compact 3-4″ speakers may suffice.
  4. Connectivity Options: Look for units with Bluetooth, RCA outputs (to connect external speakers), and auxiliary inputs (for your phone or other sources).
  5. Ease of Use and Automatic Functions: Automatic tonearm return, start/stop, and speed selection make operating the turntable a breeze.
  6. Design and Aesthetics: While subjective, the overall look and feel should match your style preferences.

Best Overall Record Player With Speakers

Best Overall Record Player With Speakers

After thoroughly researching and testing numerous options, our top pick for the best all-in-one record player in 2024 is the Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT.

This turntable system offers an exceptional combination of performance, features, and value. It boasts a fully automatic belt-driven turntable with an aluminum platter and a built-in phono preamp for simple setup. But what really sets it apart are the impressive integrated stereo speakers.

The dual full-range speaker enclosures deliver rich, detailed sound that belies their compact size. With 15 watts of total power, they can easily fill a small-to-medium room with immersive, dynamic audio. Bass response is tight and punchy, while the highs sparkle without harshness.

Key Features:

  • Fully automatic belt-drive turntable
  • Aluminum platter and Audio-Technica dual magnet cartridge
  • Built-in phono preamp
  • 15W total speaker output (7.5W x 2)
  • Bluetooth wireless streaming with apt-X
  • Aux input for external devices
  • Available in sleek black or wood-grain finishes

In my experience, setting up the AT-LP60XBT was a breeze straight out of the box. Just plug it in, connect the speaker wire, and you’re ready to drop the needle. The built-in preamp means no extra gear is required.

While serious audiophiles may still prefer separating components, the AT-LP60XBT offers exceptional convenience and performance for its price point. It’s the ideal all-in-one turntable system for casual listeners, compact spaces, or anyone wanting to enjoy their vinyl collection with minimal fuss.

Other Top Record Player System Picks

In addition to the AT-LP60XBT, here are some other standout options in various categories:

Best Budget Pick: Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable – This budget-friendly suitcase model packs impressive sound into a charming, portable design. It’s a great entry-level option.

Best for Audiophiles: Fluance RT85 Reference Turntable with Speakers – Fluance offers reference-level performance and customizability with this high-fidelity system. It’s an investment piece for discerning listeners.

Best Compact Size: Sony PS-LX310BT – Sony’s sleek, space-saving turntable has auto play/stop and built-in Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to your favorite powered speakers or headphones.

Best Vintage Style: 1byone Belt-Drive Turntable with Speakers – Blending retro aesthetics with modern functionality, this affordable 1byone model provides nostalgia and solid sound in one stylish package.

Best Battery-Powered: Victrola Revolution Go – For ultimate portability, this rechargeable battery-powered turntable lets you spin vinyl anywhere, paired with surprisingly robust built-in speakers.

What Size Speakers Do You Need?

One crucial consideration when choosing a record player with speakers is the speaker size and power output. As a general rule:

Small Room (bedroom, office): 3-4″ speakers with around 10W output should provide sufficient volume.

Medium Room (living room): 5-6″ speakers with 15-25W are recommended for fuller, more dynamic sound.

Large Room (open layout): You’ll want larger 6.5″+ speakers with at least 30W of power to fill the space.

For example, while the compact AT-LP60XBT works well for smaller spaces, you may want to consider a system like the Victrola Navigator 8-in-1 if you have a more open living area. Its powerful 50W speakers can better fill a larger room.

Benefits of Powered Bookshelf Speakers

Of course, you can always upgrade by pairing your turntable with external powered bookshelf speakers down the line. Quality self-powered monitors like the Edifier R1280T will provide even better separation, dynamics, and bass response compared to integrated speakers.

Should You Get Separate Turntable and Speakers?

There’s no denying that a dedicated turntable connected to a quality amp and speakers will offer the best possible vinyl playback experience. With separate components, you have more flexibility to mix and match your ideal setup, plus the ability to upgrade individual pieces over time.

An all-in-one record player system is often the most practical, economical option for casual listening. It eliminates the hassle of extra wiring and takes up minimal space in your room. So while an audiophile may prefer to go the separates route, the integrated turntables in this guide are ideal plug-and-play solutions that still sound fantastic.

Recording Listening Best Practices

Recording Listening Best Practices

No matter which turntable system you choose, there are some important tips to keep in mind for optimal vinyl listening:

Proper Setup and Placement:

  • Place your turntable on a level, isolated surface away from vibrations
  • Keep speakers away from walls to avoid excessive bass boosting
  • Adjust the tonearm tracking force according to your cartridge’s specifications

Record Care and Storage:

  • Always handle records gently by their outer edges to avoid surface scratches
  • Use a carbon fiber brush to remove dust from the record groove before each play
  • Store your vinyl upright, away from heat and moisture to prevent warping

Now that you’ve invested in a quality record player with speakers, make sure to properly maintain your vinyl collection for many years of sonic enjoyment.


Do all record players need external speakers?

No, many modern turntables come with built-in speakers for an all-in-one listening solution.

What’s the difference between a preamp and a phono preamp?

A phono preamp is specifically designed to boost the low signal output from a turntable’s cartridge, while a regular preamp handles line-level signals.

Can I use Bluetooth headphones with a record player?

Yes, if the turntable has built-in Bluetooth, you can wirelessly connect Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

How do I know what speaker size is right for my room?

Generally, larger rooms require bigger speakers (6.5″+ with higher wattage) for proper sound coverage compared to smaller rooms.

Is automatic or manual operation better for a turntable?

Automatic models make it easier to operate, but many prefer the hands-on experience of a manual turntable.


Listening to vinyl records has never been more accessible or convenient thanks to the wide array of superb all-in-one record player systems on the market. From budget-friendly suitcase models to high-fidelity audiophile rigs, there’s an integrated turntable solution to fit every space, need, and budget in 2024.

Our overall top pick, the Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT, provides outstanding performance and value. But whichever option you choose from this guide, you’ll be able to rediscover the warmth and rich detailing of analog audio in one compact, easy-to-use package.

So browse the latest turntable offerings, consider your space and listening preferences, and immerse yourself in the unmatched experience of spinning your favorite vinyl records. Happy listening!

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