Honkai: Star Rail 2.3 Update: Everything You Need to Know


The wait is over—Honkai: Star Rail’s Version 2.3 update, “Farewell, Penacony,” is here. This update is loaded with fresh content, new characters, thrilling events, and game-changing enhancements. There’s plenty to get excited about. And if you want to achieve big, through Star Rail top up you can boost up your gameplay during Farewell Pencony Update.

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Honkai: Star Rail 2.3 New Areas and Story Content

The Radiant Feldspar The update introduces a luxurious airship that sails across the seas of memory within Penacony’s dreamscape. Only those with a direct invitation can board this magnificent vessel.

Trailblaze Mission “Penacony – Farewell, Penacony” The trailblazing expedition of Penacony has concluded, paving the way for new adventures. This mission, permanently available after the update, would allow you to formally bid farewell to the white night behind you. To unlock this mission, you have to complete “Penacony — on the Eighth Day.”

Honkai Star Rail 2.3 Exciting New Characters

Firefly (Destruction: Fire) Firefly is a 5-star character known for her powerful damage-dealing abilities using her mech armor, SAM. Her Ultimate ability, Complete Combustion, enhances her skills, providing increased break capabilities and damage. Firefly can also apply Fire Weakness to enemies, making her a formidable addition to any team.

Jade (Erudition: Quantum) Jade, another 5-star character, specializes in dealing Quantum damage. She can designate an ally as a Debt Collector, gaining Charges that trigger follow-up attacks. Her Talent’s follow-up attack significantly boosts her CRIT DMG and ATK, making her an excellent choice for players focusing on high damage output.

Honkai: Star Rail 2.3 New Light Cones and Relics

Light Cones

5-Star “Whereabouts Should Dreams Rest (Destruction)”: Obtainable through the Brilliant Fixation Light Cone Event Warp.

5-Star “Yet Hope Is Priceless (Erudition)”: Available through the same event warp.

5-Star “Eternal Calculus (Erudition)”: Redeemable through Herta’s Store.

4-Star “After the Charmony Fall (Erudition)”: Also obtainable through the Brilliant Fixation Light Cone Event Warp.

Relic Sets

Planar Ornament “Duran, Dynasty of Running Wolves”: Boosts follow-up attack damage and CRIT DMG.

Planar Ornament “Forge of the Kalpagni Lantern”: Increases SPD and Break Effect when hitting enemies with Fire Weakness.

Cavern Relic “Iron Cavalry Against the Scourge”: Enhances Break Effect and ignores enemy DEF when high enough.

Cavern Relic “The Wind-Soaring Valorous”: Increases ATK, CRIT Rate, and Ultimate damage after follow-up attacks.

Honkai: Star Rail 2.3 New Events

Origami Bird Clash This event invites players to beta test a new feature from The Family. Running from June 21 to July 29, players must complete the mission “Penacony — Stranger in a Strange Land” to participate.

Stellar Shimmer In this event, players assist the researcher Grumpy with a mysterious test. Available from July 5 to July 29, it requires a Trailblaze Level of 21 or higher.

Gift of Odyssey Log in daily to earn check-in rewards, including a Star Rail Special Pass after seven days.

Divergent Universe: The Human Comedy This new standalone project from Screwllum focuses on the “human world” beneath the stars. It becomes available after clearing Simulated Universe: World 3.

Apocalyptic Shadow: A new challenging mode where players can earn the character Xueyi (Destruction: Quantum) and other rewards after clearing Difficulty 2. Available after reaching Equilibrium Level 3.

Adjustments and Optimizations in Honkai Star Rail 2.3

Character and Combat Adjustments

In the latest update, a lot of changes have been applied to characters and the battle system. Trailblazer (Harmony: The Imaginary) has seen the Talent tag shift from “Impair” to “Support,” affecting strategic play. Auto-battle logic for Gallagher (Abundance: Fire) has been improved, and other aspects of the combat interface have been made smoother and more ergonomic.

System Enhancements

The Starlit Homecoming event has been optimized for easier mission completion and more efficient reward claiming. The Interastral Peace Guide now better combines Divergent Universe and Simulated Universe content for improved navigation. Additionally, the Friend List and Trailblazer Profile interfaces have been upgraded, making character details easier to view and manage. These updates aim to enhance the overall gaming experience with a more polished and user-friendly system. Read More : How Long are NBA Games?

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