How Many Cat Tree Houses Should You Have?

Cats are known for their love of climbing and lounging in high places. Providing them with cat tree houses can help satisfy these instincts. But how many cat tree houses should you have? 

This question can be answered by considering several factors such as the number of cats, their behavior, and the space available in your home.

Understanding Your Cats’ Needs

Each cat is unique. Some cats are more active and curious, while others are more laid-back. Understanding your cat’s personality is crucial. Active cats might need more spaces to explore, climb, and play. In contrast, a more sedentary cat might be content with one or two tree houses.

Number of Cats

The number of cats in your home is the most significant factor. If you have one cat, one or two cat tree houses might be enough. However, if you have multiple cats, you need to ensure each cat has enough space to play and rest.

One Cat: A single cat may do well with one or two tree houses. This gives them a place to climb and a spot to retreat to when they want to be alone.

Two Cats: For two cats, consider having at least two tree houses. This prevents competition for space and allows each cat to have its own territory.

Three or More Cats: With three or more cats, you need more tree houses. Ideally, you should have at least one per cat plus an extra one. This ensures there is enough space for all cats to avoid territorial disputes.

Behavior and Preferences

Observing your cats’ behavior can give you insights into how many tree houses you might need.

Playful Cats: If your cats are very playful and love to climb, having multiple cat tree houses can keep them entertained. They can jump from one tree to another, satisfying their need for activity.

Territorial Cats: Some cats are very territorial. They might not like sharing their space with other cats. In such cases, having multiple cat tree houses is essential. Each cat can have its own space, reducing stress and conflict.

Aging Cats: Older cats may not be as active. They might prefer lower, more accessible tree houses. Having a few tree houses with different heights can accommodate cats of all ages and activity levels.

Space in Your Home

The size of your living space also determines how many cat tree houses you can have.

Small Apartments: In a smaller space, one or two multi-level cat tree houses might be sufficient. Choose ones that maximize vertical space without taking up too much floor area.

Medium-Sized Homes: In a medium-sized home, you can have more flexibility. Two or three cat tree houses can be spread out in different rooms, giving your cats various spots to explore.

Large Homes: In larger homes, you can afford to have multiple tree houses in different areas. This can create a more enriching environment for your cats. 

Placement of Cat Tree Houses

Placement is crucial. You don’t want to crowd all tree houses in one room. Spread them out to give your cats a variety of places to go.

Near Windows: Cats love to look outside. Placing a cat tree house near a window can provide hours of entertainment.

Quiet Corners: Place a tree house in a quiet corner where your cat can retreat and rest undisturbed.

Living Areas: Having a tree house in the living room can keep your cat engaged while you’re around. They can feel part of the family while having their own space.

Regular Assessment

Your cats’ needs might change over time. Regularly assess their behavior and interaction with the cat tree houses. If you notice increased territorial disputes or signs of boredom, consider adding more tree houses or rearranging the existing ones.


The number of cat tree houses you need depends on several factors, including the number of cats, their behavior, and the space in your home. Observing your cats and understanding their needs will help you provide the right environment. 

Multiple tree houses can enrich your cats’ lives, providing them with places to play, climb, and rest. Always ensure that each cat feels comfortable and has enough space to call its own.

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