How to Add WhatsApp Chat Widget to your Website (Free Forever).

How to Add WhatsApp Chat Widget to your Website (Free Forever).

In terms of the WhatsApp Chat Widget, there are more than 2 Million MAU (monthly users who are regularly active); WhatsApp is announced as one of the best platforms for all marketing and customer support and interaction platforms and all other industrial needs. 

WhatsApp is a platform that works to provide its users with flexibility and the best way to reach their audience and users. The specific broadcast offers bonuses and promotions, and the advertisements solve customer support using the Chats. The Live chats on video calls and audio calls reduce the RTO that is said to be a return of origin, get repeat orders, and leverage the real power of the WhatsApp Business. 

A live chat on WhatsApp Business is mentioned on a popup icon on the profile, which is said to be a chat button embedded on the website where the audience can gain information and assistance from the customer support team or bots. The chat window switches the email for customer support queries and can also work as a sales channel. 

What is a WhatsApp chat Widget?

A WhatsApp chat button is probably a WhatsApp chat widget. It functions similarly to a chat button, but instead of opening a new choice, it opens the chat box immediately and invites your consumer to start a conversation.

It’s a no-brainer that a CTA button drives customers to take immediate action. In this case, I want to connect with you. That’s where having a WhatsApp chat widget beats the WhatsApp chat button. 

After all, leads do need that tiny but impactful little push to turn into customers.

What is a WhatsApp Chat Button?  

The WhatsApp Chat Button is set up as a chat button that lets website visitors and prospective clients get in touch with you without ever leaving. However, users prefer to interact through channels that are easy for them to use, such as instant messaging applications.

A WhatsApp button functions as a chat button, enabling instantaneous communication between you and your clients via WhatsApp. All they have to do to start a conversation is click the chat icon that is on your website.

These conversations appear on your company account on WhatsApp, providing your clients with an easily accessible means of communication and an excellent reputation for customer service.

Should you use a WhatsApp button?

Except for the option where the chat box opens and your consumer is prompted to message you, the WhatsApp chat button and chat widget are comparable. This functions as a key point of differentiation between the two pieces of software. Nevertheless, the WhatsApp chat button and widget both function in concert and provide users with comparable benefits on their own.

Having a chat button or chat widget also allows you to enable a live chat experience with your website visitors and customers. 

Effective ways to add WhatsApp Business to your website.

The most popular direct messaging app ever is WhatsApp Business, and an increasing number of offline and online businesses are understanding how important it is to include this channel in their operations.

Instantaneous communication with clients is crucial for being present and approachable through WhatsApp Business, as it greatly enhances their whole experience. Moreover, offering a prompt line of communication keeps customers from searching for the same good or service elsewhere.

The three ways to add WhatsApp business to your official websites are listed below with brief explanation:

1. Adding a customized WhatsApp chat button (widget) for the website.

The simplest way to make use of WhatsApp for websites is to add a custom WhatsApp chat button (widget). This is entirely free and can be generated within minutes.

Businesses having a WhatsApp chat button are generally on the upper hand when it comes to consumer trust. The simple reason behind this is that customers can reach out to businesses with a simple click on the WhatsApp Button icon on their website, which opens up a WhatsApp conversation window.

The WhatsApp chat button works very simply. Using  WhatsApp Button Generator Tool, you can obtain a basic Javascript code to incorporate into your website’s footer. Check out how to create a WhatsApp Button.

2. We are integrating a popup form on the website to collect customers’ WhatsApp numbers.

This is the second way of leveraging the power of WhatsApp for websites and growing business on WhatsApp. This can be done by using some freemium tools in the market like Mailchimp, Zoho Forms, Hubspot, etc.

Popup forms can be easily created and integrated into your business website. This would enable you to create a database of probable prospects who are interested in your product and have visited your website.

Along with the user’s name and email, collecting the visitor’s WhatsApp number would always come in handy in dire situations. After a certain quantity of customers has been added to the database, you may start using different marketing strategies to increase revenue, increase traffic, stimulate demo sign-ups, and achieve other goals.

Now, there can be many ways to jump around the market once you build the WhatsApp list you make. Generally, there are three ways to go after this:

I’m writing a newsletter that will be distributed over WhatsApp either weekly or monthly. (Interested in learning more about how to use WhatsApp to broadcast messages to an infinite number of users without being blocked?

Broadcast retargeting promotional campaigns to get more orders or sales using GetItSMS 

With WhatsApp having more than 98% open rate and around 45-60% click-through rates, WhatsApp is undoubtedly the market leader in the communications segment.

If you are reaching out to your customers where they spend most of their screen time, you are always creating a win-win situation to grow your business on WhatsApp.

3. I am using WhatsApp Business API to connect with customers in real-time.

Applying for the WhatsApp Business API is the most popular approach among the three ways to use WhatsApp for websites. Numerous benefits come with this, like the ability to broadcast WhatsApp in bulk to an infinite number of users, higher click-through rates than emails or SMS, the ability to provide live chat help on different platforms, the installation of chatbots for round-the-clock customer service, etc.

Only those individuals who have consented to receive WhatsApp notifications from your company may get these messages.

With GetItSMS, a complete WhatsApp Marketing Software, you can get WhatsApp Business API within 10 minutes (completely free of cost), along with an option to get Green Tick verification on WhatsApp. To learn more about WhatsApp Business.

Some of the significant features of getting WhatsApp Business API with GetItSMS:

Get WhatsApp Business API for Free;

Automate notifications for events like order confirmed/shipped, delivery updates, payment reminders/links, etc through integrations;

Provide Live Human Chat support on unlimited devices (PC, mobile, tablets);

Apply for WhatsApp verified business status (Green Tick) for free, which increases the trust factor among customers;

Broadcast offers to an unlimited number of customers in a day.

Install chatbots to be available 24/7 to your customers.


The above analysis has been done regarding the differences and advantages provided to the users by the WhatsApp software team for a safe and secure Run of business. 

The study briefed above gives a focused survey of the great impression on new and returning customers with the live chat widgets. Set up saved responses for various and multiple-asked questions and routine chats to the email after the working period so they barely miss an inquiry. With the accurate live chat tools, customers will gain information that, with the brand, they are always considered as the topmost and main point.

From the above report, in Whatsapp marketing software to boost your Business, the productive innovation ideas and leadership practices allow the company to maintain its brand position and image in the mindset of its consumers and audience. 

The brand culture of the company has built a creative and unique position. Hence, the customers are actively involved in all the company’s practices. The audience highly appreciates the marketing strategy and the advertising power of the company. 

Through their practices and regulations, they are giving good quality work and better innovative instruments for improving transportation across the globe. 

The use of modern technology positively and helpfully is executed by the company perfectly in a manner that helps the development of the world.

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